Business policy

Quality, the environment and working environment

Our Company policy is to constantly improve all our processes. This enables us to respond better to the demands of our customers and authorities on the products that we develop, manufacture, stock and supply. To keep a high service level (quality and delivery status) is important in order to satisfy our stakeholders. Therefore our partners are very important, they expect us to constantly develop in order for them to enhance their ability to satisfy the end customer.

In production, construction and development our company shall constantly improve on all aspects to make sure that our impact on the environment becomes lower and lower. We shall amongst other things concentrate on an efficient use of material and investigate how to become more resourceful in our use of electricity. 

The company has to comply with applicable legislation on the internal and external environment and commitments undertaken.

The company has to ensure, by training the employees, that willingness to take individual responsibility for quality, the environment and the working environment in day-to-day work is reinforced.

The management team is responsible for policy and objectives being understood, applied and upheld at all levels at Konga Mekaniska Verkstad AB.

Work on the environment, quality, the working environment and finance - all these aspects must go hand in hand, resulting in success for the company.