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KM600H | Ergonomic Softgrip

Ergonomic Softgrip makes every handle soft, warm and comfortable when working in cold environment
Suitable for all handles diameter 22-25 mm
Very easy and flexible to place on any handle, seal and open with zip

The pictures show Softgrip on different trolleys

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1751 pcs.


  ART.NO. Colour Weight (kg)
Ergonomic Softgrip KM600H KM600H Black 0.03
Ergonomic Softgrip KM600HEM KM600HEM Black 0.03

Product information

  • Carton Dimension - 240x100x20mm
  • Freight volume - 0 m3
  • Gross weight - 0.03 kg
  • Net weight - 0.03 kg